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Multiple Covers of Homes and Land

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Fusion Magazine

Idaho Stampede Calendar

Lead Photographer of Boise Fashion Week

Photography and Album cover design for Cary Judd

Photography and Design work for The Vacationist

About Mellissa

Let me tell you about my life changing story of how I found my career path.  First let me set the stage.

My name is Mellissa Larson but some of you may know me as Sunnie Lynne, which I like to refer as my stage name.  My close friends and family gave me that nickname and it somehow stuck.  It seems to fit my personality.  I  was born in Las Vegas, NV but grew up in Southern Utah.  I knew that I wanted to broaden my horizons so I became a moderate transient and explorer. After living several very different places, I somehow ended up in Boise, Idaho.

I started a career in banking in 2005.  Though I enjoyed helping individuals reach their financial dreams, I knew I couldn't see myself doing that for the rest of my life.  At the time, it was a reliable source of income.  

I have always had a passion for photography.  At age of ten I received my first 35mm film camera as a birthday gift from my father.  At the age of  twenty, I  purchased my first DSLR camera and started sharing my vision with the world through a social media platform called myspace.  During that time and to my shock, I had a young couple reach out to me, telling me they would like to hire me to shoot their wedding.  I had never shot a wedding, but they had really liked what I had been posting and sharing online.  I was even more shocked when they offered to pay me.  At twenty years old any amount of money seemed like a great deal.  

After shooting my first wedding, I took that money and invested it in a speed light flash.  Working around my nine-to-five job, I began to build a portfolio shooting weddings, families, and anybody that would allow me to take their photos.  I spent about nine years balancing my day job while trying to pursue my dreams of  becoming a photographer.  My life was content, but I knew I was missing something.  


On November 14th 2011 I was traveling on my lunch break with a friend in her car.  On what seemed to be a normal day I unexpectedly saw headlights, then BOOM!  The car I was traveling in was struck head-on by a large pickup.  The front center of the truck hit the front left of our car.  Steel crushed and metal tore as the two vehicles collided.  The energy of the large truck colliding with us, rendered the car a rippled ball of twisted metal.  

sunnie lynne in the emergency room

My memory of the wreck is partly clear.  I suffered from a broken collar bone, several broken ribs, bruised lungs, and 2 broken ankles. It left me with several months to think about my life. The accident felt like a dream.  Whose dream was I living?  


After the accident and several months of recovery, I went back to my banking job only to give notice I'd be moving on.  I never looked back.  

In February of 2012 I founded Sunny Daze, LLC,  a photography and graphic design company.  I set out to change the scope of photography, videography, and fine art, utilizing my artistic intuition to create aesthetically pleasing pieces.  As a talented piano player with a love for music I am currently expanding my artistic scope.

“My life experiences give me a unique perspective of the world and I love that.  I can express that through my photography, art, and music.” ~ Sunnie Lynne