I had so much fun shooting Justin and Pam's engagement photos last week!

Weddings and engagements can be tricky.  They're pictures that the couple and their families will go back to for years.  The default setting is often to take very traditional portraits.  With a pair like these two, tradition would have undoubtedly bored them to sleep.  

Over the course of a few conversations I realized we were going to have to find a more creative approach.  The one thing that kept coming up over the course of our conversations was their mutual love for music and how they'd bonded over listening to and talking about this subject.  

They really brought the enthusiasm as we started brainstorming location ideas and were an absolute blast to work with.  I found a few locations that I thought would represent the urban love story, stopped in at The Record Exchange to capture them thumbing through used vinyl, and of course, got a few shots outside on the trail to give a respectful nod to the traditional side of the wedding experience.  

Thank you to Pam & Justin for making my job fun!