I'm fascinated with light.  To "see things in a different light" is a phrase that I take quite literally.  I love the process of taking something from every day life and really looking closely at it.  Walt Whitman said it best, "I see the world in a blade of grass and the universe in a single grain of sand".  I love to find detail in the mundane and shed light and color on the drab.

I've been experimenting with a new technique that is not only really fun, but the results have surprised even me.  I'm sure there's some technical term for it, but I call it Painting With Light.  I'll of course be adding the option to my real estate clients, but right now I'm enjoying the newness of something that blows my own mind!  It's opened up so many new possibilities.   I'm going to apply this to some of my conceptual work as well.   

The basics are this: take a long time lapse and walk around whatever you're shooting (in this case the house) with a light.  I've found that for shooting a house the best results happen at dusk or dawn.  

I made the video below to demonstrate how it's done.  Imagery speaks more eloquently than words, so push play!