The Parade of Homes

It’s the time of year that marks the beginning of the busy season for real estate agents, builders, designers, and me!  

Light Painting

Light Painting


The Parade of Homes is a special time in real estate.  It’s a chance for the builders, architects, and interior designers to get a few weeks in the spotlight to really show off their talent.  With that comes quite a bit of excitement, and if we’re being honest, which we are, some extra stress for all involved.



I’m always excited to get the opportunity to shoot a unique or interesting home, so it’s been equally rewarding.  I’m really proud and grateful that I had the opportunity to photograph not just one, but five of the featured homes this year!  


*takes a bow*


Sometimes things line up just right and the universe puts you in the place you want to be.  With my newly added “Light Painting” technique, there were of course several requests to add that extra sparkle to the parade homes.  Though it caused for some longer work days, it was really nice to have the last shoot of every day to look forward to.  Me, a tripod, and a light for a paint brush made for some of my proudest images to date.

My partner is convinced he needs to live in this house.

My partner is convinced he needs to live in this house.


Not only did I get to experiment with the new technique, I had a lot of interaction with builders and interior designers who were getting their work ready to showcase.  How often do we think of a home as art?  Of course when we visit famous buildings, be it a historical monument, an old cathedral, or the hip new corporate headquarters of google, we become aware of the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into them.   Seeing an interior designer putting the finishing touches on a dining room table or up on a ladder fine tuning curtain fixtures, or having a builder point out the detailed tile work that went into the backsplash of a polished gas range really gave me a new respect for the craft of home building and decorating.  It was so inspiring to get to rub elbows with people who are the best at what they do!


If you get the chance to see the homes on display this year, I recommend you take it.  You’ll undoubtedly be impressed if not awestruck by what you see.  

While I don’t have any technical photography tips in this installment, I do see value in taking a closer look at what’s around you, not only for photography, but in every day life.  Zoom in a little bit, there is art in everything!