Boise just got a little cooler.

Reinvention is a key element in art and business alike.  Boise's own Ted Challenger had a vision of transforming the space he purchased in his early twenties to reflect the wisdom and sophistication that comes with twenty three years of life experience, or at least that's this outside observers take on it.  He did it right.  

The Amsterdam is a beautifully sophisticated establishment.  For those that will miss the Bistro (I have a memory or two of my own with the old Bistro as the backdrop), it's worth a visit.  I'm certain the European atmosphere will stretch your mind towards your own personal evolution.

Elegant coffee house by day, lounge by night.  To keep it interesting there will be "stronger" coffee options, not unlike the coffee houses of it's namesake, sans the herbal psychotropics of course.  

It is clear from the moment you enter that a great deal of thought and hard work went into transforming what was once a stop on the "bro-stroll" into a place conducive to meaningful conversation.  The former hundred and twenty beats-per-minute stomp-stomp that billowed from the outside patio will be replaced in the evenings with more thoughtful throwback classics geared toward Ted's own Generation Xers.  

Last, and certainly not least, the collection of classic arcade games adds a touch of playfulness that will keep any air of pretentiousness at bay.  

Go by first chance you get.  Soak it up.  Boise just got a little cooler.

In the meantime, here's Amsterdam through my eyes.